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Run For The Sun

Roy Orbison


I've heard some people say that you should live just for today
And not let your life just drag on and on
Now since you've come along I know that they're not wrong
And together we'll make a run for the sun

I've wasted my time living line by line, taking it sure, taking it slow

But since you touched my hand, now I can understand
And I know why that we can fly and we will have fun
While we make a run for the sun, a run for the sun

Too shy at the start, to open my heart, I couldn't chance getting hurt

You showed me the way, how to live for today
You were the key, you came to me and now I am free
Now look what we've done, we've had our fun
We made our run all the way to the sun
All of the way, all the way to the sun

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