Baby's Gone

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison/ Bobby Goldsboro
recorded 1963 Gene Thomas

Baby's gone away,baby's gone away
Baby's gone away and left me lonely
Didn't say goodbye, didn't tell me why
Just left me here to stay

The pain I feel inside is more than I can hide
I need her by my side, oh where can baby be
Won't somebody please bring her back to me
And She'll never be lonely again

A funny photograph that made all the gang laugh
Two tickets torn in half are only reminders
A ribbon from her hair, her little teddy bear
They're just waiting there for me to find her

I miss her so tonite, I long to hod her tight
I hope that she's alright, oh where can baby be?
Won't somebody please bring her back to me
And she'll never be lonely again

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