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Dead To Me

Rotting Out

It was you. its you. it was always you.
You taught me the hard way and redefined the word abuse.
Now you sit there speaking through the bars.
Now you're forced to think of the lives you've tore apart.
You're dead to me.
Look at you now.
You snorted your whole life away.
Your children left like resin and your wife injected into your veins.
You crossed me like judas, I'll crucify you just like christ.
A kiss of death was all you wanted so you traded our lives.
You're dead to me.
As I spit these words I can still taste the back of your hand.
I was forced to be a grown ass man at the age of ten.
I was forced to be the good, the bad and the ugly night after night.
For fifteen years this hatred was buried inside.
I sit and laugh because you seem to be sinking in your cell.
You reach to god but all you'll get is the hell you've built.
You sit alone in the cold with your walls of stone.
You coward this is what you deserve.
You're dead to me.

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