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City Of Shame

Rotting Out

It's 6 Am the fucking start of the day
And that stack of bills hasn?t gone away
8 hours 8 days, it?s all the fucking same
Swallow your pride and learn their game
I don?t give a shit how you feel today
I?m losing it, I?m losing it, just give me my pay

Now my job is simple, it takes no thought
Pay my rent and it?s time to clock out
I don?t want a raise so I get more work
Just leave me a lone cause I know what I?m worth
Fucking believe this is the city of shame
It?s the way we fight and struggle just to make it through an 8 hour day

These fucking walls are closing in with every breath I take
In the city, in the city of shame
It?s the city of shame where the bosses pray for rain
They want their smogged covered sins to be washed away
I?m not saying I?m perfect, but I?m treated like profit
To your growing pockets from your employees pain

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