Ronnie Day

Tell me a lie
that's enough
give me a story you made up,
And I'll forgive you
I don't care what you said
I said it's all in your head
I'll never get you
And you're talking these things through
Like you know what you've been through
But there's not a lot of reason,
In the things that we believe in,
So I'll be leavin' you

I am on the outside of truth
And I'm lookin' in on you
But you're stayin' in this town with fighting
You're stayin' in this town with fighting
And I'm honest as a photobooth
I'm just playin' off of you
But you're leavin' me fast as lightning
You're leaving me just to spite me

babe, It must be hard livin' in a castle
Countin' Daddy's money must be a hassle
Probably you can't divide
I probably should live a lie
But I've been taught that theres something more,
To living life than knowing scores
I'm proud to say I'm honest
I'm proud to say im right

repeat chorus

A time out
I don't need this drama
But I will take you back any day
I will take you back any day
I'm out of things to argue
But I will take you on any day
I will take you on

repeat chorus

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