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Call My Name

Ronnie Day

I know Life
And I know Love
But this is neither of them.

And you know Right from Wrong
Well, you’ve done wrong,

But I will love again
Whether or not it’s you.

If it’s easier to cry,

Then let go
because you will see through tear soaked eyes
that I am here for you.

I’ll be reading your notes in vain
they are Novocain
But lately I feel the same
So the picture frames are
Coming down for now
I am weak but I am proud
And if you are ever lonely again
Just call my name…

I know that you hate the way I work so long
I know you hate the way I wrote this song
I stayed up till the break of dawn
But Love Is Not A Compromise
It’s something like the rising of the sun
Although you’ve seen it a thousand times
You can’t explain it.

Call my name
And I will sing for you
A song so good you’ll doubt I wrote it
And I will dance for you
I won’t step on your toes
And I will laugh for you
You’ll have no choice-

you’ll have to say “I need you”
But Till then…

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