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Cancel Everything

Ronnie Wood

Devastate me, no, don't take me
don't take me the wrong way. It wasn't what I meant
Long wires between us
Ocean's screen us
from understanding everything we want to say

Tell me softly over and over again
You can't speak too
Clearly I understand
I really do

Say things to me
Do things to me (come on do things)
We don't make much sense
On the long distance phone
Encourage me with words
Feed me to the birds
That sit along and listen in
On this telephone wire

Tell me softly over and over again
You can't speak too
Clearly, I understand

Cancel everything for a while
This ain't the way things
Are supposed to be
I want to be with you

Shoe shine boy
Are you gonna be my friend?
Seems like I've run into you again
This old hotel room's too familar for me
I can't take it any more
It's the last place on earth I choose to be
You don't have to worry with me
If I wanted you to go
I'd lose you on my own free will
Yes I need you. . .

Reassure me over and over again
You can speak too clearly I understand
I really do
Cancel everything

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