Janie Hawk

Roger Miret And The Disasters

There she goes walking down the streets, Janie never hurt nobody
She's a punk rocker from Queens, a sex pistol, a real tease
Janie jumped the R into the city, to meet the gals on Avenue B
She walked in McKensey's Pub, to find 3 punks wanting to fight her

She's an outcast, a rebel, a misfit
She's out of step of society
She wears fishnets tights, a studded vest
Leopard print creepers and bondage pants
Rebel, rebel she tore her vest
Rebel, rebel her face is a mess
She's a riot girl, she's so automatic
A riot girl yeah she's pretty rotten!

Janie kicked and fought her way out, 3 on 1 she caught it hard
Friday night the following week, she went back to 6th and B
Sat on a stool and lit a cigarette, ordered herself a coke and gin
Jumped up and ran into the streets, she swore revenge!
Yeah, see ya next week!


20 years gone bad, Janie Hawk ain't the same
She doesn't smile, she doesn't cry, she doesn't have much to say
She wears her hawk down and her way cool studded vest
Janie's lost her mind in her thoughts, yet her heart, it still remains

Hey ho - let's go!


Woh oh oh
Woh oh oh

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