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Street Poetry


This poem right here is called street poetry
Street poetry
Used to post it on the corner till the task came
Love for that [?] , go hard, till the cash came
Over the A roll, the fast lane
Beats them engines, roll them fast things
Never shy videos, still they know me er'where I go
If you be like the Underdawg, I be like Saw

You don't know me hoe, made me a profit
You strugglin', you need to stop it
106, I part it
They ask me to be a judge, but I ain't pass the bar
So I ain't do it, so I ain't gon' be the judge neither
'Specially, me ain't walkin' centimeter around my tenant
Hue my 187, I aced stiglets, I aced grammar
Call me er'thing, fucked up even
I spill my song crazy, yea I'm lazy

I dare you to treat me, the street payed me
They found out all I do, they be like oo
All the shit that I accomplished
Found a generate for the company
Nobody know what I'm doin'
They sellin' out for pivis
On the net er'day with itunes gettin' plenty

Independent with my business, yea, that make me go hard
Not to mention, I got kids
I'm a full time father
Fellow Ayeye on Sedan, I appreciate all yo presence
Best be take them all back, cause all we want is yo presents
I be like why you too smart spittin' image of yo pop

Daddy gotta go, he be like 'where for? '
I be like 'go sleep now', they won't
Ya home, I'm a give it to them while they give it to me
Book ladder, take it in fame
Make it out, plan B
I'm a stick to plan A cause there's nothing shocking us
Fork it all the pessimistic thoughts, now I'm a optimist

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