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Controlled Substance


Why you call it controlled substance?
I can't escape it
Is there where I'm at?
And if I walk away I'll be running back
I gave away, I charge street albums
I can't even call it [?]
30 years and you all touched it
I guarantee I will make a profit from it

Wherever I put my hands on
Street profit has it's cargo the way I see it
You saw it, I still see it, bitch
Shinning like the biggest star in the sky
I ain't paid for it
You should get the fuck on
My lyrics just use to do that shit

Why are you listening to my poems?
I'm a poet
Make them say yes
Walk along and put the [?]
Pants, Pr, Pss
Giovanni really getting money
Vh 1 on my line heavy
I sold them already
I've been on Tv
I said, let's get it

I was just thinking how a nigga can have such an old soul
[?] 41 millimeter president
You're talkin' the roll
I play by the rolls
Bitch who rolls
Lookin' like I'm all alone
They live through me
They love me, they see me
They believe me
I don't fuck around

I'm authentic
Damn bitches, looking forward for laying
Concrete jungle mentality
Yeah, nigga, ain't no criminal after me
This guy covered my eyes
You can't see me, I'm under my disguise
I've been shot at, I've been ran over
Probably that's why I jump on the Porsche
Probably that's why I'm the beast on the beat

I wanna be a historian
[?] so I could free my nigga Jay Ross
I swear I could do that shit
We built a solid foundation
Can I make a wish?
I said I would go to school for Cosmetology
I totally switched to Criminology
She got a free ride to get my niggaz out

My shit drippin'
I know you all don't need this much substance
This beat is drippin'
My bad, I just felt like rhyming, you know what I'm saying?
You what I mean?
You think it's all swagger? My charisma
You know what I'm saying?
Yeah, they want this stuff all day

No boy is bigger than that shit
You know what I mean?
I'm feeling like Moses sometimes
You know what I'm saying?
Lot of people live through me
You know what I'm sayin'?
That's why it's called controlled substance

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