Sleep Tight

Robots & Butterflies

Buried in a lie
The words
Never meant so much
The only problem
Is loosing touch
With ourselves
Even if we forget
Who we were
Don't forget me
It's like playing dead
Or playing someone else
Oh, my God
What am i
Doing to myself?
So forget those nights
Forget those lines
Forget it

Once before i lay down
Face on the floor
Let me tell you how
I should mean more

Go on
Always move fast
Like the words
That leak
From your mouth
Sleep tight
Sleep tight
I will be heard

Look me in the eye
I said it once
A 1000 times
It's growing old
So i think it's time
I said goodbye
Things never last
No matter who we are
So keep on waiting
This is
Such common sense
Such pride
With confidence
Check out my moves
You think that you
Can dance this dance?
So forget those nights
Forget those lines
Forget it

Because you've always
Done this wrong
And you'll never
Get it right
You'll burn it down
Like you did
For the first time

Take these dreams
You promised
(Take me away)

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