All In

Robots & Butterflies

Oh my o' have
I planned my life
I lived it
But have I written it
And you bake the cake
And I eat it
Never thought
This was misleading
I ran
With all the punches
Bad luck gift
Wrapped perfect package
Hard times since
I was a youngin
And I know

Give or take
You give or take
You have taken away
All that I can give

No matter the hand
I'm all in
These cards
Have stayed the same
Ever since
I started this game
And if you're bluffing
Or if I'm wrong
This will be won

I tried
I tried it
All along
I tried
I have tried it

Stay by me
I'll live
And I'll learn
If only you
Stay by me

If we live
For more than this
Then how
Can I be wrong

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