86th And Madison

Robots & Butterflies

Eyes staring at me
Just take in the scene
My random
Outburst of words
They don't mean anything
Take this bottle
And swallow it down
Savor the contents
And heres your next round
Close all the windows
And lock all the doors
Tonight is just us
Tonight just one more
Praying to God
That i can still be strong
That this was worth it

Hello, who are you
Where did you come from
Eyes wide, your mouth dry
This took us by suprise
Baby, can't you see
What this must mean
We made this mistake
I wonder what youd say

So have you been
To a place like this
Are bodies are numb
To the pain
We've witnessed
Climbing the stairs
There's no turning back now
They're all sleeping
So don't make any sounds
This room is cold
But you're keeping me warm
Everything seems perfect
What are we waiting for
This situation
Is out of my control
But this was worth it

From that night on the floor
At the place that we met
With those words that we said
And the things we regret
Oh, we were so dumb
Oh, we were so dumb

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