Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos (Em Inglês)

Loneliness takes the romance out of falling stars
Fills the wishing walls and fills the bars
Run and hide the scars of loneliness
Loneliness makes the winter's night seem
Twice as long
Makes the summer sunlight much too strong
Nothing's really wrong, it's only loneliness
So, stay a while
We both have stories that are hungry to be told
Your eyes are warm, but I can feel your hard are cold
But still they're nice to hold
It only takes a simple yes
Ther time we spend leaves that much less for
Loneliness, like a love song or an old cliche
Has its hide-outs but it's never far away
Look around you've found
It's only loneliness
So, stay a while
We've worn the night away, and now it's almost done
If you could stay, a bit of breakfast night be fun
It's too much work for one
And though it's just a simple guess
We're stronger now, we've made the best of
Loneliness, waits in silence while the shadows grow
Waits and wonders if it's finally time
The yes in our hello said no to loneliness

Compositor: Paul Williams / Ken Ascher

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