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Poor Johnny

Robert Cray

Have a seat and I'll tell you a tale
It wasn't that long ago..
About a guy who turned out to be a cheater got the heater
so the story goes:

He tried the playboy-thing on two friends
thinking that they'd never know.
They say he got caught in a trap and it snapped
He's not around anymore...


Poor johnny,
He came home looking cool one day,
just wasn't lucky to come out that way
once from the left... than from the right
they took him down, late that night.

[verse 2]

Now everyone in town knew he always played around
but not a word was said.
All the money and the clothes,
and the cars that he drove just kept his ego fed.

To his friends he was king,
cause he thought of everything
except his number one.

She had the kids and the house,
while he was always out
leaving his homework undone.


[Verse 3]

Than one day his luck ran out.
when number two found a number and called his house.
WOrd on the street is that they talked all night
They had to teach him a lesson,
they had to make things right.

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