Robbie Williams

You sit and scream at all the scandal
That put the monkey on your back
Don't put your idols on a mantel
You'll only want your money back Don't slap my face and call me brother
Lend me a hand and knock me out
So one disciple to another
What's this s*** really about? Are we united?
'Cos I'm really not that sure
When you've decided
Spread some love and ask for more I sit and think about my maker
And what he's got in store for me
I wanna be a right-on daddy
Protect my wife and family Repeat Chorus x2Runnin' out of love
Got a pain in my head
It's bringing me down
Got send me something Got a gun on my hip
Real tight grip
Don't give me no lip
Boy send me something
When a woman needs a man
Man do what you can
Lend them a hand
And send them something Send them something Repeat Chorus Have you decided to spread some love
And ask for more?
Have you decided to spread some love
And ask for more?

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