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Reality Killed The Video Star

Robbie Williams

Under The Radar Volume 3

You won't get over me it's impossible to do
I'll be on the tv again and on the radio soon
My face will be 30 foot high on the back of that bus
And on my poster they'll spray knob head at the back of Toys'R'Us

Inside it hurts cause you know it's true
Only a fool wouldn't fall in love with you
And I wrote this song not to mess with your head
But to get you out of mine
Cause I remember what you says in that hotel room

And babe I took these songs and started singing them to people
Some folks hate them and others think I'm evil
But some of them quite like me they've taken me to heart
Radio and television is keeping us apart

Reality killed the video star
Cause you're getting married and I'm not involved
Where ever you are
With whoever he is
You'll be in my heart
Spend this life in bliss

Remember when I came round and I ruined your mothers carpet
Cause I was always dancing and she didn't have the heart to stop it
Cause she could see you smiling at the boy who came to play
And if that doesn't break your heart then there's nothing I can say

I'm sorry baby if I've taken this too far
Look at the tears falling down my guitar
I apologise to him but you know I've always been
A selfish bastard

My mother always loved you cause she could see what I saw
She always wanted you to be her daughter-in-law
I'm sorry

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