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King Of Bloke And Bird

Robbie Williams

Intensive Care CD + DVD

Speak so loud
I cant hear what you say
Except for the occassional word
So fates a sentimental side
It bothers me
No longer king of bloke and bird

All of my life
Searching hard
Down in the wilds
Of love

Summon me now
Summon my life away
Summon me onto another day
A hand through the clouds
Keeps knocking me down
It's no less than I deserve
They built museums
I dont visit them
I've made enough trouble of my own

Into the night
Searching hard
Look for the light
Of love

Summon me now
Summon my life away
Summon me on to another day
Summon the evening winter waves of falling down again
I sing from the chaos in my heart
My heart

Then comes the evening
That makes life worth living
Shoving the shoes out in the light
She walks in
I can hear her

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