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She Must Think I Like Poetry

Robbie Fulks

For every emotion
She's got one she's hiding
She moves closer
As though to reveal her mind
And she dances
Like it'll rain inside me
Does she feel that strong?
Do I look so blind?

All the dreams
She draws in colors
Of the rainbow
All the soulfulness
She's wasted on me
And by the vicious lies
Her lips can't help but let go
She must think that I like poetry

On a high rope
And suddenly thrown off balance
She reaches out into empty air
And for a moment
An animal bares its talons
Oh my sweet sad love
What face won't you wear?

She only hears the words
I never say
What's right in front of her
Is only in her way
The sky that falls helplessly
Through her hands
And the worlds
That heaven won't let start
All the things that die
And come apart
All the ground that she gains
All the breath she's losing

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