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God Isn't Real

Robbie Fulks

A world filled with wonder, a cold, fathomless sky
A man's life so meager, he can but wonder why
He cries out to heaven its truth to reveal
The answer: only silence, for god isn't real.

Go ask the starving millions under stalin's cruel reign
Go ask the child with cancer who eases her pain
Then go to your churches, if that's how you feel
But don't ask me to follow, for god isn't real.

He forms in his image a weak and foolish man
Speaks to him in symbols that few understand
For a life of devotion, the death blow he deals
We'd owe him only hatred, but god isn't real.

Go tell the executioner of the power he can't defy
Go tell his shackled victim of the mercy on high...
Then go to your churches, go beg, pray, and kneel,
But don't ask me to follow, for god isn't real.

No, no matter how he should be, godisn't real

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