Married Young

Robbers On High Street

Married young what's done is done
Our hearts and hopes are soft and glistening
We started playing house too soon it seems
Our Swedish furnishings are splintering
But who am I to preach this game we play?
Roll in the hay with dreadful infidels
No sleuth's deduction need attain the way
Our love so bold, incendiary and new
What are we to do?

So trust me, trust me, trust me dear
Your mom and papa hold me dear
We make mistakes we make mix tapes
Our love's a young, wholesome, healthy enterprise
Is there a sliding scale in Hell?
Does the devil grade on a curve?

I wonder who'll be the first to burn
In this beautiful decay
But you path will still remain economy, econo you.

Married young what's done is done
Married young what's done is done
We're too young and we believe
We'll be our first, our only
We're too young, we peak too soon.
What are me to do?

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