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In a hidden shack up on a hill
In shadowland
A rose is fading at the window-sill
In shadowland...

Tossing and turning as she lies awake
She longs for her freedom or a twist of Fate
The door stands wide open but she can't escape
From shadowland... from shadowland...

You ask no questions and you tell no lies
In shadowland...
You hide the bruises and you dry your eyes
In shadowland...

The world he once promised this beauty queen
Has crumbled to the ruins of a shattered dream
Where love never lingers and the streets are mean
In shadowland... in shadowland...

Fallen angels have nowhere to hide
Only their reasons for saying goodbye
All you wanted to do was put on those dancing shoes and fly...

Wonders how she'll ever break the spell
In shadowland...
And throw the shackles of her prison cell
In shadowland...

Tumbling down mountains in a waking sleep
Grasping and drowning in an ocean deep
Lost on the sidewalks of a nameless street
In shadowland... in shadowland...

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