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No Man's Land


Here in the outlands, eve of '89
There's a wildcat prowling in the cool blue night
A breeze is stirring like a distant shore
Shadows falling on a moonlit door
Guardian angels get up on your feet
Feels like paradise just went to sleep
Folk will tell you it's on nights like these
A man could walk into eternity

Only a pale moon hiding in a silver shroud
Who in the world could stop this now?
Riders approaching in the sand
They're riding into no man's land
No man's land

Now all you sleepers back in videoland
This time around maybe you'll understand
Why you're waking in a cold sweat at night
Why you feel you're falling, why you feel the fright
This world of wonder is a world at war
Where the silence thunders and the whispers roar
Like white noise on your TV screens
White light at the end of dreams

Dawn is a cold steel blade on the horizon line
Red with the morning sacrifice
Over these traces in the sand
Left like a scar on no man's land
No man's land

Compositores: Ritchie, William Forghieri

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