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Solid Ground

Rita Ora

Airport Terminal
Duty Free
This is my regular course
This is my routine
Seat Back
Up Right

Buckle up
Have a safe flight
This is My conversations
This is how I've been living
And the heat of California
Doesn't compare
To the feeling that comes over me

With the scent of your hair
And the history in Nyc
Doesn't have history like us
And the distance makes my heart grow fond
I can't wait to feel your touch
And every time I go
I count the days until I can hold your hand
Cause I can't wait another minute

And every time I fly
I count the seconds down until I land
Because I can't wait another Minute
I can't wait until I'm back on solid ground
Clouds and mountains
Forests and Oceans
This is the sights I see

This is our routine
Single Serving
I'm ready for my dinner and a movie
And the novelty of Paris
Let's get old
And it definitely doesn't
Compare to the way you hold me

And The beauty of a foreign land
Just reminds me of you
And the phone call won't due
If only you knew
And the sky is so familiar to my eyes
And I've seen it all
From sunset to sunrise
And the moment that I land
I cannot wait to to get outside
To call you up
And let you know I have arrived

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