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Generation Lost

Rise Against

Getting trampled under boots of progess
Ignore the pleading of the nameless faces
Now with our backs against the wall
How long til we fall?

Do away with all the underprivileged
their demographic doesn't fit your image
Turn your blind eye when duty calls
How long til we fall?.

(In With The New)
This is something that you can't ignore
A simple thing worth fighting for
cuz now they're tearing down our doors
So she screams out the window,
"I've had it up to here"
So sick and tired of wondering
where I'll be next year...

Caring less about the homeless millions
All the petty problems that go with them
Reap the profit that reaps thier lives and
Tell me that it's fine
Throw them out and call it relocation
Lower-income-housing quick solution
A Generation lost

Now in the whirlwind of my life
Is where you presently reside
Can I pretend you don't exist
Maybe just for ten more minutes?
My hearts been broken into two
and rusted from years of disuse
So will you place upon it your hands
Will you help it beat again?

It seems the whole world's turned on me
(Bound and gagged) in the land of the free
Let's talk this over, this game is over
In with the new, out with the old
Hearts of the world have grown so cold
Let's talk this over, this game is over

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