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Write One for Me

Ringo Starr

Ringo Rama

A young man strumming his guitar
In the corner of a bar
Singing 'bout a brocken heart
For hours and hours
By closing time I face the fact
That if I had a gift like that
I know that I could win her back
But there's some things I can't do
So now it's up to you

Write one for me
Put the perfect words together
Write one for me
The melody to last forever
I don't have the song, so if you please
Tell her she's a right one for me

It does no good for you to play
A pretty song like yesterday
'cause that' not what I need to say
To get her to love me
I'm too scared to tell her so
So if you'd be my cyrano
And send to her a tune I know
That she would send her mind
So take a little time and

Write one for me

If I could have a poem, I would send one
But I don't have a pen, I can't depend on
I can't come up with a single line
So would you write the song
And tell her what's is my mine, all mine

Write one for me

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