Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah

[verse 1]
Stir it up, porridge
Gettin' dope, so rich
Ah smoke it
And I ain't never liked a broke bitch
I don't never fucked with a hoe, bitch
Quiet down

Oh-oh-oh shit
So-oh-oh rich
Eyes low, I'm so loaded
Eyes, pose bitch

[verse 2]
Take it off
Wanna see you work it like oh my god
Pose bitch
And that thang is out I know you know
Pose bitch
And you bounce it like I know you know
Bitch, I know you know
Bitch, I know you know
Stay low
All my haters so-so broke, pipe down
All these niggas also broke
Pose, bitch

Oh-oh-oh shit
So-oh-oh rich
Fired up, loaded
Ah, pose, bitch

[verse 3]
Yazzzz bitch
Let me see you get it, no, no, no
Flexin', I know that you with it
Pose bitch
Take a photo, flick, flick,
Flick for fuckin' sho doe
All you lame ass bitches is a no go
And if with it go fucking loco, loco

Oh-oh-oh shit
So loaded
Eyes low
I am so lit
Eyes, pose bitch

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