Ricky Nelson


Ricky Nelson

Seen it written and I heard it told
that a man does things for gold
drives him crazy and it makes him old
before his time

Sitting round waiting for the rainbows end
wasting time and losing friends
never knowing that it ends before his eyes
but those of us who seek the truth
will be there when she rides

Talking 'bout wings
to carry us over the water
talking 'bout wings
picking us up by the waves
ahh so many things can bread misunderstanding
we'll soon be landing on velvet wings

Once met a man and his words were wise
and he looked me in the eyes
he said brother don't you compromise
in what you feel
all things figure in a bigger plan
and its up to every man

just to do the best to reach his own ideals
and build a world around himself
and live it like he feels

repeat chorus twice

Composição: Dennis Larden

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