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Five Minutes More

Ricky Nelson

There's a man in a suit at my front door
And he's got some paper in his hand
Says I got to come down to the station
And he hopes I'll take it like a man
'Cause they caught me taking what wasn't mine
And it looks like I'll be doin' time.

Give me five minutes more to tell my baby goodbye.

Well they stood me up in front of a jury,
And they told me what is was I'd done
And the judge said, "We're finding you guilty."
I said, "Judge, I'm not the guilty one."
There wasn't anything left that I could say
'Cause they sentenced me to ninety days.

[repeat chorus]

Baby I got something to say
You know they're gonna put me away
It'll only be matter of days
Then I'll be comin' back to you
Comin' back to you, comin' back to you.

Well they're gonna put some walls around me
And there's nothin' anyone can do
I'm gonna do my time in the county
And I hope that time is all that I lose
Maybe this won't be so bad
Woman, don't you look so sad.

[repeat chorus]

Compositor: Art Delgudico/jay Dewitt White

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