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I'm On My Way

Ricky Martin


Two hearts beating as one
That's all I think about
Until my journey's done
Ten miles, ten miles away
That's all that's left to go
Until I see your face
Oh my love
She says to me...
Oh my love
I'm waitin' for you

Hey I'm on my way
I guess you gotta
Feel the pain
Won't be late
To teach your soul
To pray
It's ok
Your tears are like
The rain
Let's get crazy
Come what may
Come on
I wanna love you
Baby gimme sexo...

Lover, the moment has come
I'll give it all to you until I come undone
Lover, I live for your touch
So many nights alone
I've missed your kiss soooo much

Oh my heart
Was hers to be
Oh my love
I'm livin' for you


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