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Bobby Ann Mason

Rick Trevino

It wasn't the books that i didn't read,
It wasn't the teachers that tried to teach me.
It wasn't that varsity baseball coach,
Kept on tellin' them locker room jokes, it was:

Bobby ann mason, back in high school.
She was way too cute, she was way too cool.
How was i gonna get an education,
Settin' right back of bobby ann mason.

Yeah! bobby knew her hist'ry, bobby knew her french,
Bobby knew how to keep the boys in suspense.
She'd tease with a touch, she'd tease with a kiss,
I was three long years being teased by, pretty miss:


Yeah! bobby graduated first in her class.
Me, i graduated closer to last.
Bobby went to college, she got a degree,
I got a guitar so i could sing about, me and:


Yeah! the years have taught me, the basics of math.
Divorce divides; time subtracts; takes away your hair,
Takes away your jump shot, but it ain't gonna take all mem'ries i got of:


Back in high school, she was way too cute, she was way too cool.
I got most of my education settin' right back of bobby ann mason.
Settin right back of bobby ann mason.

Compositor: Rick Treveno, Melanie Dyer

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