Richard Wright

Broken China

A part of herself, she thought love was dying,
The game of opposites, a hateful lie.
She cant hang on at all, shes giving up the fight.
Shes locked in a wall of ice,
Through half the day and half the night
On a path thats been prescribed.

Nothing comes, but she cant leave her life
Or hear the falling rain, or the heart race in her.
And dark as it grows at night, with fear of lights change
Shes drowning away
In what she can do and what she contains
And her heart it so low.

Now, because I could not cope with the pain,
How things are not the same, shes got no remedies.
A heartbreaking fall and I fear a change of cource
I feel like we were born insane,
I hear the love, I fear the love

For the heart is low, see how it grows apart.
And deep from the other side, we live so plain
We have no night, we have no day, we have no falling rain.
Not love in our eyes, not love in our stare
Felt more like inner sea, had no quality
So says those who drown at night
Far from the harbour wall, far from the harbour wall.

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