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Self Serve Gas Station


Another trucker stumbles up the steps into my kiosk for directions,
too wasted to see the map I'm showing him.
He wanted to bust the glass... 'cause I wouldn't give him gas -
I said, "You shouldn't be driving,
just take a nap until the morning-time and hit the road."

I wish I had a pistol just to take him down with myself;
who's to tell?
No one said this would be easy... but no one said this would be hell.

Mom and dad are selfless... they don't do nothing worthless
they just work all day and worry about their son:
"What went wrong with Martin, is he dumb?"

..and I just pump gas every weekday night
until the sun comes up like missiles... to my brain
you never said this would be hell.

Ooooh... with all the colours in closed eyes
the blue and black of veins (will) bleed to one.
Come with me tonight... to say that this is anything
is saying much too much.
Let's go.

I see the sun is bleeding.
The morning time has come... and it's not that bad.
No one said I would be king-like
but no one said I would be had

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