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Blame It On Love

Restless Heart

He was almost handsome in a flattering light
She's a fading beauty alone in the night
She tries to catch his eye, and get his attention

He looks at her, and she turns away
They know their parts by heart in this play
Though they've never met, they've got matching obsessions

Before the evening's out, they'll be too close to mention

Love, love, love
Blame it on love
Love, love, love blame it on love
Blame it on love

I drive by her house in the middle of the night
She's burning her bedroom light
Is she alone, or keeping company

I might as well drive by one more time
She's already driven me out of my mind
Now this old boy is loosing his sanity

I never thought that this could happen to me


What kind of will do
That makes us do these things we do


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