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Cuts Like a Razor


There's a time, out of space
Where death lies, there's no break
Future place, dark era
Lacks sense, no respect

Pigs rule people by fear
Dead scream, you can hear
Mass killing's pop culture
Preconception remains in future

Racists gods on command
Rapists angels are demand
Rich steps on heritage
Rotting humanity for ages

A kick smashing your face
Nightstick crushing your flesh
Beware the rich white menace
Coming straight outta trash

Got the hammer on your left
Got the sickle on your right
All people at peace unite
To stand against it and fight

Enough of this sick bullshit
Equality of rights now
We ain't puppets on your pit
You can't bring us down

Expurge the society's disease
Lacerate all those mad ideas
To change there's no ease
Save every single tear

Carry on the revolution
Cut the lines that control
Take'em down is the solution
Boss have to pay his toll


Now it's time to change
Together we reach world range
Come along to fight for
Power that cuts like a razor

Letra enviada por Davi Almeida

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