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Birdsong (Interlude)


Welcome To The Winter

Where you at?
Ooh ooh eh, If I If I, yeah yeah

If I could pick a thousand colors
And then take them to the sky
I would, believe me
If I could choose a thousand flavors
And put them in a pie
I could, believe me, but
I'm so frustrated and consumed by the fact
That they won't tell us why and what they're doing, so
See the branches in the trees overlooking passersby
Quietly singing my birdsong

Like a song bird singing, singing
You're nothing it's a sad scene, and it's dark yeah
Like a song bird singing
So sweetly some sad song
So sweetly, (so, yeah)
So sweetly some sad song
So sweetly, so sweetly
So sweetly some sad song
So sweetly some sad

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