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It feels really nice to get deep and down with you
When I move with you, I see stars moving and I won't stop
The pursuit of it
Cause I'm new to this
Uh, I'm not used to this, see my home planet
That I come from is another world but I found you
Yeah, I found you

Cause I, I do not know this place
But why do I feel so safe out here
When I do not know this place?
I'm feeling so lost in space round here
I'm feeling so lost in space
I think it's gonna be Ok
When I see your face
When I see your face

Alien, alien
Don't worry about where we go
I'll beam you up, you bring me down
Don't care if all the creatures know
Alien, alien
I love the way you move
So graceful in your melodies
And everything I do

And it's Ok if I glow
Cause there's no place like home

Take a trip to this on my wishlist
All your promises, is that Ok?
Wanna show you space
Untraveled space
Wanna hear your stories while you travel days
Wanna tell you mine, so don't go away
If you want this
Do you want this?

You're extra, I'm extraterrestrial
I think our worlds are symmetrical
You can be my angel, I'm celestial
Bulletproof love over money, I'll invest in you
Have a heart to heart before I have a chest to chest with you
Don't let nothing but me get on top of you, girl, what's stressing you?
Yeah, I swear every new chapter's like an old page
I think I'm way too old for my old ways
No way I'm gonna be with you
If I'm the alien, you alienate
Yeah, food for thought, you should take me away
I don't need space and it's crazy, cause it's crazy in space
I don't know why you don't know why
I call the streets home sweet home in the night, night
Yeah, and even though we didn't plan it
This is Venus vs. Mars, I'm just fighting for my planet

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