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Hugo The Human Cannonball

Ray Stevens

Well, they came to town
With their elephants and clowns
On a hit sticky August day
And every telephone pole
Had a poster that told
Of the thrills that were coming our way
There were trapeze fliers
And men that ate fire
And things we never dreamed existed
And the radio and TV
Told us wed be
Fools if we dared to miss it.
Now all three rings
Held wondrous things
Marvels of every invention
But the big long shrouded
Shape in the corner
Increasingly drew our attention
There were bareback riders
Lions and tigers
And clowns in their itty bitty car
But every woman and man
And child in the stand
Had come to see the star
Then a hush fell on the crowd
As the men pulled the shroud
From the muzzle that was 30 feet long
And to screams and cheers
He finally appeared
And flamboyantly bowed to the throng
He wore red sequined tights
That sparkled in the lights
And boots that came to his knees
And a chromium
football helmet
And a cape that flapped in the breeze
And the dazzled crowd
Shouted out loud
You could hear them one and all
We want Hugo!
Hugo! Hugo!
The Human Cannonball
The aim was carefully calculated
The trajectory was precise
The charge was carefully measured
And poured into the loading device
The fuse was trimmed, the lights were dimmed
Hugo slid down the barrel and then
All was ready and Hugos daddy
Counted down from
And the drums rolled
And our blood ran cold
The ambulance stood by
Several woman crie

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