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When I'm Gone

Randy Newman

The time for us to say goodbye is near
The day I hoped would never come is here
Though many hearts are broken we must somehow carry on
'Cause i think you're gonna miss me when i'm gone
I thought my life was over when we met
So little to remember so much to forget
Though it was you who saw me through the darkness to the dawn
Still, I think you're gonna miss when i'm gone
I'm modest man and it hurts me to say these things to you
After all we've been through, it's the least that i can do
So, instead of just goodbye i'll say so long
And as for the light by which you se me leave it on
I'm a better man than I was before knowing you has made me strong
And I sure am gonna miss you when I'm gone
Yes, I sure am gonna miss you when I'm gone

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