The Joke

Randy Newman

A rabbit bein' chased by a big,
black dog
Through the early mornin' fog
Over the meadow and past the bog,
They were runnin'

The rabbit had jumped a fence or two
Cause that's what rabbits like to do
Big black dog had to jump 'em too
They was runnin'

Now this black dog had a brother
'Cept he was white as snow
One looked like the other
Least that's how the story go

So the black dog's
chasin' the rabbit down the road
And he seen a familiar face he knowed
He said, "Hey there white dog,
what you say?
Take over chasin' this rabbit,
all right?
Thank you, get away!
Take over chasin' this rabbit
Or they'll be no rabbit
stew today for us."

And here what the white dog say
He say,
"That rabbit smiled as he went by
He know he got you beat, that's why.
You wait here and I'll chase a while
Cause I hate to see a rabbit smile."
So off he go, off the white dog go.

Now when that little rabbit
looked around
He jumped four feet off the ground
He said,
"That big old dog that's chasin' me
Why, he's taken off his jacket
and he's runnin' free
He's taken off his jacket
and he's catchin' me."

Now there's a moral to this story
For crazy rabbits with dreams of glory
Any rabbit think a dog wear a jacket
Should get out of the rabbit racket.
One dog's brother is another dog's child
And no one likes to see a rabbit smile.

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