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Schtiel (english)


Calm - the wind is silent
(Calm) has fallen like a white seagull to the bottom
Calm - our ship is forgotten
Alone, in the world held down by a dream

Along all times
without names and faces
We're not waiting anymore,
for the breeze to wake up!

Calm - yeah
We are going mad
The heat smells like black pitch
Only one of us must die
and we'll, we'll come back home

His blood and flesh
will saturate us again
And for his death
maybe God will reward him

What is waiting for us, the sea keeps silent
Thirst to live drives hearts to their bottoms
But life here costs nothing
the life of others, but not yours!

No, the thunder did not burst from the heavens
when we drank blood like wild beasts
but the shining became intolerable
of the Cross that we call Southern

And during the last instant
a wave rose,
and a shout was heard:
"Land is ahead!"

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