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Girl you know ma weakness x3
I can never say no to you

Whenever your not around
Things seems quite alright
Everything is going fine
Until your back in my life
You’ve done it to me again baby,
You got ma body, soul and mind
And there ain’t no stoppin now
You got me workin over

Let me lay you down again, down again
This time stories gonna end happily babe

[Chorus X2]
Girl you know ma weakness
I can never say no to you
And I know you know it to
That I’m such a fool
I can never say no to you

You say that your back for more
And you’re here for good this time
Whoever heard those words before
But I don’t even mind, your mine tonight
I wish that I was thinkin straight
But girl when I look in your eyes
All the memories of you pain
Just giving me a game,
just wishin its gonna change
One thing I gotta say


[Chorus X2]

Long days and lonely nights
Coz I have to make it through
Without you by my side
Just say your mind all night
Your always gonna be, gonna be mine
Your not Gonna know ooooh
That you need me, like I need you

[Chorus until fade…]

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