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Let's Work It Out


Feat. Jahaziel

Oh leke phele phele pyar
pyar ke aankhon mein
jadoo nagri mein aaya
koi jadooghar

So the other night a day another fight
u break down and cry and you swear that its over
it seems you pack your bags like every night
girl i know inside we could be so much more
But everytime the smallest thing goes wrong
girl your out the door you dont wanna deal with this pain anymore
Why dont you understand that somethings wont come easy in life
work with me girl it will just take some time

Im not letting go
yeah girl thats for sure
wont catch me walking out
i said okay lets work it out

Oh leke phele phele pyar
pyar ke aankhon mein kuhmaar
jahdoo nagri mein aaya hei koi jadooghar

At every single boy you'll turn around
say ive let you down and that i no longer know you
how could you say to me that ive lost my way
and your walking away and im willing to give my all


(Chorus x4)

Once agian we go throught that whole procedure
Your screaming its over bewteen us but i dontt believe you
Your such a diva a drama queen girl why u blowing up like a (?)
Girl u wanna argue with me i aint speaking
We come to far and i aint leaving
If we got a promblem we lets get on top it
We aint gotta split we can conqer it
We gotta quit over reacting imagine just last night were romancing
First passion now we be crashing
I dont know whats happening we dont want a tantrum
As a man im making the first move ill never come out and blatantly hurt you
I got a situation to work through
Throught patience its virtue well baby it takes two


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