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Pyrex Vision


Niggas got me behind the pot again, man
Fuckin' wit'chall product again, man, you...

Verse 1

The Pyrex is bubblin', the stove is broke, fuck it
Use the flame from the oven, the famous dozen
Love to hit the streets, stay buzzin'
Break it down, chop it like he raided ya luggage
Drained your yellow shit in a pot, strugglin'
Tryin'a form a rock up and double it and call up my cousin
What up ??, stab it, tilt it and twirl it, spit in it
Plus put a little bit of milk and the fiends love it
Sat back confident in comfort, the light blew out
All I see is all white stuff, suds an' a 400 raise is in a bucket
70 plates, we thinkin' 10 mil a man, nigga fuck it
It's on, get the bakin' soda, dump it
How many niggas'll pump to get 80 more, get it jumpin'?
Live by the code and we thumpin'
Nigga take this, fuck around and taste a flake, bitch who drunk it?
It's all in the eyes of the hungry
It's all for the wise and the humbly
The rise came upon me

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