I Promise (Cifrada)



riff 1 E----------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------- A---11---9-----11--9------11-9-9-9-------------- E----0---0--0--0---0--0----0-0-0-0-------------- E----------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------- G----------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------- A---12---11----12--11-----12-11-11-11----------- E----0---0--0--0---0--0----0-0--0--0-------------- E-----------------------------------0----------- B-----------------------------------0----------- G-----------------------------------9----strum for a bar D-----------------------------------9----------- A---9---7-----9---7-------9-7-7-7---7------------ E---0---0--0--0---0--0----0-0-0-0---0----------- riff 2 E-----------------------------------0----------- B-----------------------------------0----------- G-----------------------------------9-----strum for a bar D-----------------------------------9----------- A---6--6--6--6--6---7---9------9-9--7--------- E---7--7--7--7--7---7---7------0-0--0--------- intro riff 1 x 2 verse riff 1 x 2 riff 2 x 2 I will not obey again i promise even if i get bored i promise even when you knock me out i promise say my prayers every night i promise i know where your shadows tread? i promise attentions and the chitty chat i promise even your ship is wrecked i promise tongue to rot in bed? see below for another suggestion i promise loud break improvise over the main theme with emphasis on b,c#,d# i won't fool around no more i promise even when i get bored i promise even when your ship is wrecked i promise time to go rot in bed? i promise loud break improvise over the main theme with emphasis on b,c#,d# i won't run away no more i promise

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