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Livin' In You

Radio Company

Radio Company Vol. 1

Said you ain't been to church
Since the day we met
You got a lot I bet you need to repent
Same sin every time
You get it in before you give into my

Strange way
Of livin' in you

One taste of your tangerine
Gives me some of that something I need
Ain't got a love you can call your own
Come over baby, and I'll make you a home

In my way
Of livin' in you
I'll find my way
Of livin' in you

The war is all inside your head
You said to me
You gotta quiet your mind
And take what it is you need
Cause when it all calms down
It'll come round to where you'll see
That there ain't nothin' better than
The thought of being caught with me

Livin' in you
I found my way
Livin' in you
I found my way
Livin' in you

Composição: Jensen Ackles, Steve Carlson

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