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The Stars Fell On Chicago

Quit Your Life

Your eyes like messengers told every word if only thoughts could kill such a subtle look destroyed this army of one that defended everything i loved when words mean nothing more than a swift getaway i'd rather die then be your accomplice but now you're gone, so i kiss it goodbye
Your love was like murder and i couldn't escape it three calenders, it's a lot to reminisce so i burn it day by day,hoping to forget walking backwards through time with everything i see, comes a memory don't forget the car rides, long nights, warm thighs, my kiss, the good byes you'll miss from beneath the shadows comes truths
Untold without a doubt you've been caught red handed from the blood on the floor to the body in the attic this book of promises was never ending we never ended if this
Is all it meant to you then i wish it'd never happened this flame that once lit the way now destroys everything it touches the one thing that kept me going day to day now makes me wish the next would never come your love.

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