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Yet Unseen


restablished a condition
one we once maintained
the waves of tide
play seek and hide
where nothing's lost
but we've found shame

there's too much gas
almost no air
and no room to complain
there's sun at night
moon at daylight
and ice within burnin' flames

there's contradiction
no shrinks to treat you
from this desperate aching pain
to live a life
where the less you try
the more you'll have to explain

call the paramedics I'm havin' an OD
my friends they are all laughin'
but noone's helpin' me
got tired of obligations
got sick to ride the extremes
I think this global warming
is finally killin' me

so do you think our hands are to count gold
and that our nose's not to smell but to snort coke
then when our lies dry our mouth and deaf us all
will then our eyes only good just to watch porn

I'm lookin' for a reason to start to take it real
I'm runnin' out of hope
I couldn't care any less
I'm out to live it everyday as if it was the last

you're longin' for a time when you felt fine
you don't realise it's time to feel fine

need a vacuum cleaner
from the dust to keep me
carbon monixide to inhale
where does the wind blow?
where does the shit go?
to the ocean where we'll taste

get me a new lung
buy me a brand new heart
one of my kidneys I will trade
don't need breast implants
but I'll have my nose done
'cos of a life with too much cocaine

while you're fighting hard to get a SUV
children turning screws in China endlessly
we're cursed, on damnation
our god is on vacations
we'll have to figure out how to save ourselves cos'
customer support is down, in India's a day-off

you've made plans for life you don't want nothing changed
then that bad tsunami came and washed your dreams away
were flying to l.a. but you should have caught a train
plane crashed into a building now you don't see stars you're in them

now you know life's unfair, there's no court of appeals
you're not the only one
to drop all those high hopes
we're out to live this like it is it, 'cos it won't last.

it's time to live my life not so seriously
time to open my eyes for things yet unseen
if you don't like what I say come and get me
I have one in store for you, you have none as it seems

if some guys care for the pope
why would they ignore me?
I don't live at rome
but I feel just as you feel
and I live just as you live
and I've dreamed just as you did
fell off the clouds landed over shit
don't tell me what I don't know
tell me I'm not for real

Compositor: Breno Bacci

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