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Fifteen Days


Am I ahead?
Or am I losin’?
I hesitate ‘cos you know it’s spring break

It is just the time
When folks n’ dudes they’ve got the highest
You bet I’m on it
And I don’t wanna spend what’s left o’ my life
Workin’ my ass out
My ass is my ass try n’ do me

When had I become a role model?
For helpless bastards like’em
N’ tho’ you may empathise
I ain’t the shit you wanna be messin’ with

(We may be no good but we ain’t hurtin’ a soul)
Under the table they’ve been all sniffin’ coke
(We may be no good but we will lift you up high)
So high you feel like you died

Or you’re still thinkin’, you’re still alive (3x)
You ain’t that good but you ain’t dead (3x)
Alive while dead...

Will it come with a nasty little show?
‘cos babe ya know, good kids always get what they want

It’s torrid, if I told you, you would be way upset
Babe there are a lotta of other things unsaid
Bet there ain’t a better way to tell you I’ve left
Now move your booty and be back often

For fifteen days I’m mad

Compositor: Breno Bacci

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