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Quiet by 9

Once was a man who held his head up high,
He was proud of his life ‘til now, he walked humble yet tall

His daughter always stood by his side
his wife was no longer alive, and though
It was hard they always got by

Come on inside, to hear this short tale about life
Many words when spoken are meant to inspire
Maybe these ones will open your mind
I hope these ones will open your eyes
Hoping these ones will help

Some say after his kids moved away, he grew tired
Tired of all his time alone, day after day
It was a cold night when his body was found-
They all said he had starved or turned to the bottle for his heart
Had run dry

These are trying times, that can call a man to die
Take a look at your old man right now
And you know it makes him cry
The days that you let pass by
If only you had tried
The days that you left

In the end the truth is, we can't take the abuses
And loneliness kills the best of us
Yes loneliness kills the best of us
Somehow it kills the rest of us

Compositor: Steve Wall

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